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Axial-Flow Compressors

Ronald H. Aungier
Ronald H. Aungier
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ASME Press
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Compressors are commonly classified as either positive displacement or dynamic compressors. The positive displacement compressor achieves its pressure rise by trapping fluid in a confined space and transporting it to the region of higher pressure. The dynamic compressor develops its increase in pressure by a dynamic transfer of energy to a continuously flowing fluid stream. There are two basic types of dynamic compressors: axial-flow compressors and centrifugal (radialflow) compressors. The flow streamlines through rotating rows in an axial-flow compressor have a radius that is almost constant, whereas they undergo a substantial increase in radius in a centrifugal compressor. For this...

1.1 Axial-Flow Compressor Basics
1.2 Basic Velocity Diagrams for a Stage
1.3 Similitude and Performance Characteristics
1.4 Stage Matching and Stability
1.5 Dimensionless Parameters
1.6 Units and Conventions
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