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Study Guide for Certification of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professionals: Based on the ASME Y14.5.2-2000 and ASME Y14.5M-1994 Standards

Robert H. Nickolaisen
Robert H. Nickolaisen
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ASME Press
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The following definitions have been provided to assist in learning the technical terminology contained in the ASME Y14.5M-1994 standard. An applicant must understand and is able to apply each of these terms in order to successfully pass the GDTP examinations.

7.1 Identification of Terms
7.2 Boundary
7.2.1 Inner Boundary
7.2.2 Outer Boundary
7.3 Datum
7.3.1 Datum Feature True Geometric Counterpart Datum Features Subject to Size Variations
7.3.2 Datum Feature Simulator Simulated Datum
7.3.3 Datum Target
7.4 Dimension
7.4.1 Basic Dimension
7.4.2 Reference Dimension
7.5 Feature
7.5.1 Axis of a Feature
7.5.2 Center Plane of a Feature
7.5.3 Derived Median Line of a Feature
7.5.4 Derived Median Plane of a Feature
7.5.5 Feature of Size Individual Feature of Size (Rule #1)
7.6 Material Condition Modifiers
7.6.1 Maximum Material Condition (MMC)
7.6.2 Least Material Condition (MMC)
7.6.3 Regardless of Feature Size (RFS)
7.7 Resultant and Virtual Condition
7.7.1 Resultant Condition
7.7.2 Virtual Condition
7.8 Size
7.8.1 Actual Size Actual Local Size Actual Mating Size Actual Mating Envelope
7.8.2 Limits of Size
7.8.3 Nominal Size
7.8.4 Resultant Condition Size
7.8.5 Virtual Condition Size
7.9 Tangent Plane
7.10 Tolerance
7.10.1 Bilateral Tolerance
7.10.2 Geometric Tolerance Form Tolerance Flatness Straightness Circularity (Roundness) Cylindricity Orientation Tolerance Angularity Parallelism Perpendicularity Location Tolerance Position Concentricity Symmetry Profile Tolerance Profile of a Line Profile of a Surface Runout Tolerance Circular Runout Total Runout
7.11 True Position
7.12 Full Indicator Movement
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