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Hydraulic Fluids: A Guide to Selection, Test Methods and Use

M. Radhakrishnan
M. Radhakrishnan
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ASME Press
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The various steps outlined in the previous chapter for the upkeep of hydraulic fluids can appreciably extend their life. Nevertheless, the age of a fluid is still finite; at some point, it becomes used oil. Generation of used oil is a recurring process in industry; managing used oil is very much a part of managing hydraulic systems, and its disposal an important component.

Used Oil: What Does It Mean?
Government Regulations
ASME Code of Ethics
Disposal Options
Specific to Hydraulic Oils
Disposal of HWCF and Invert Emulsion
Disposal of Water Glycols
Disposal of Phosphate Esters
Disposal of Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids
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