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Design and Application of the Worm Gear

William P. Crosher
William P. Crosher
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ASME Press
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It should be assumed that worm gear manufacturers, gear specialists, and worm gearing consultants have not only detailed knowledge of the designs but also in the applicational requirements for open and enclosed worm gear drives. There is a need to apply that knowledge, as it relates to specific applications, and establish the special design criteria for that installation.

The time to apply this knowledge is at the beginning of the project when the design has not been established to the point that applicational knowledge necessitates expensive or impractical modification. The manufacturer would have a comprehensive range of usable worm wheel hobs or alternative cutting equipment and tooling—the use of which will lead to economies. It will be necessary to first select the available gear tooth form that can be of particular value for that application. The form will determine the manufacturing method, and the application determines the required accuracy and gear set life.

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