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Heat Exchanger Engineering Techniques

Michael J. Nee
Michael J. Nee
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ASME Press
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Once an evaporator system (coil, heater, filters, louvers, instrumentation) is in place it is costly to modify the system in terms of dollars and downtime. As an alternative, consideration should be given to increasing the available cooling without making changes to the existing system. Here are ways this can be done:

1. Add a precooler in the makeup air line.

2. Insulate the building.

3. Add a water-cooled unit in the area to be cooled.

4. Install a sun shield above the condenser.

5. Spray the condenser with water.

6. Provide colder water to air-handling units.

26.1 Add a Precooler in the Makeup Air Line
26.2 Insulate the Building
26.3 Add a Water-Cooled Unit in the Area to Be Cooled
26.4 Install a Sun Shield above the Condenser
26.5 Spray an Air-Cooled Condenser with Water
26.6 Provide Colder Water to Air-Handling Units
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