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Heat Exchanger Engineering Techniques

Michael J. Nee
Michael J. Nee
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ASME Press
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There are times when an increase in exchanger surface is desired to upgrade a system's heat transfer capability. The design modifications that are described in this chapter provide benefits, where they can be used, because they allow a system to be kept on-line longer as surface is manufactured; the time during which units are off-line to make changes will be minimal. It should not be assumed that less work is involved. Rather, most of the work can be done while the system is operating. The changes suggested will not normally increase an exchanger's cooling or heating capability by more than...

16.1 Add More Plates in Plate Exchangers
16.2 Change Fin Material
16.3 Add a Precooler in the Makeup Air Line
16.4 Add Double-Pipe Units to a Bank of Exchangers
16.5 Replace Bundles with Smaller-Diameter or Lowfin Tubes
16.6 Air Coolers
16.7 Insulation
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