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Heat Exchanger Engineering Techniques
Michael J. Nee
Michael J. Nee
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ASME Press
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Examples of how to reduce the size of an exchanger follow in this chapter. The ideas given are, for the most part, application-specific. Most of the recommendations depend on the skills of the heat transfer engineer. If the user desires any construction or feature identified, the requirement should be in the exchanger specifications. This is the best way of advising the rating engineer of what is needed. Otherwise, the selection made may not be to your liking.

14.1 Cooling with Hydrogen Gas
14.2 Lowfins
14.3 Internally and Externally Finned Tubes
14.4 Turbulators
14.5 Automatic Brush Cleaners
14.6 Small-Diameter Tubes
14.7 Advantages of Plate Exchangers over Shell-and-Tube Units
14.8 Designs That Use Fewer Finned Tubes per Layer and More Layers
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