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Decommissioning Handbook

Anibal L. Taboas
Anibal L. Taboas
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A. Alan Moghissi
A. Alan Moghissi
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Thomas S. LaGuardia
Thomas S. LaGuardia
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ASME Press
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Decommissioning and remediation projects demand an integrated, life-cycle approach from planning through waste management. Concepts that must be clearly understood in developing a comprehensive waste management program include the various categories of waste, waste minimization, regulatory issues, and differing management approaches. As with most aspects of decommissioning, waste management provides opportunities for optimization. No one solution works in all situations and facilities, but understanding the differing approaches will let the manager make prudent and efficient decisions to best support stakeholder needs. Management of tritium waste is sufficiently unique that it is discussed separately in Section 19.7

19.1 Introduction
19.2 Waste Streams
19.3 Legal Requirements and Classification
19.3.1 Radioactive Waste Classification
19.3.2 Hazardous Waste
19.3.3 Other Regulated Wastes
19.4. Waste Management Considerations
19.4.1 Cost-Benefit Analysis
19.4.2 Strategies and Controls
19.5 Treatment, Handling, and Storage
19.5.1 On-Site Material Handling
19.5.2 Waste Storage
19.5.3 Waste Prevention and Minimization
19.5.4 Technology Selection
19.6 Waste Technologies
19.6.1 Solidification vs. Stabilization
19.6.2 Macro Encapsulation
19.6.3 Incineration
19.6.4 Steam Reforming
19.6.5 Plasma-Driven Reactor
19.6.6 Metal Melting
19.6.7 Other Nonthermal Treatments
19.6.8 Microbial Degradation
19.6.9 Separation Technologies
19.6.10 Water Processing Technologies
19.6.11 Soil Washing
19.6.12 Mining/Leaching Technology
19.6.13 Mechanical Processes for Size Reduction
19.6.14 Solidification and Stabilization
19.7 Tritium Waste
19.7.1 Properties
19.7.2 Legal Limits
19.7.3 Waste Management Technologies
19.7.4 Management Selection
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