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Decommissioning Handbook

Anibal L. Taboas
Anibal L. Taboas
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A. Alan Moghissi
A. Alan Moghissi
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Thomas S. LaGuardia
Thomas S. LaGuardia
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ASME Press
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Decommissioning brings to closure, or terminates, the mission or useful life of a radiological or nuclear facility. The owner or licensee normally decides when a facility is to permanently cease operations. It must then show that a proposed decommissioning project plan can be conducted safely, and that at completion the facility will comply with regulatory requirements. This chapter presents a road map of the decommissioning process, highlighting the major issues to address in planning, implementing, and completing a project, and including references for further detail.

1.1 Introduction
1.1.1 Background
1.1.2 Decommissioning Phases
1.2 Evaluation of Decommissioning Alternatives
1.2.1 Potential NRC Decommissioning Alternatives
1.2.2 DOE Process
1.2.3 Alternative Selection
1.2.4 Risk Analysis
1.3 Decommissioning Pre-Planning
1.3.1 Regulatory Requirements
1.3.2 Financial Requirements
1.3.3 Clearance Criteria
1.3.4 License Termination
1.3.5 Technology Evaluation
1.3.6 Radiation Exposure
1.3.7 Decommissioning Management Team
1.3.8 Quality Assurance Requirements
1.3.9 Security Program
1.3.10 Public and Stakeholder Participation Program
1.3.11 Transition Planning
1.3.12 Records
1.4 Decommissioning Characterization Planning
1.5 Detailed Decommissioning Planning
1.5.1 Preparation of the Decommissioning Plan
1.5.2 Detailed Cost Estimate and Schedule
1.6 Decommissioning Operations
1.6.1 Work Scope Activities
1.6.2 NRC License Termination Plan
1.7 Closeout and Post-Decommissioning
1.7.1 Demolition of Remaining Nonradioactive Structures
1.7.2 Site Restoration for NRC-Licensed Facilities
1.7.3 Demobilization
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