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Design of Plate and Shell Structures

Maan H. Jawad, Ph.D., P.E.
Maan H. Jawad, Ph.D., P.E.
President Global Engineering & Technology
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ASME Press
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When a thin elastic plate is subjected to compressive in-plane axial loads, in conjunction with small applied lateral loads or imperfections in the plate, the in-plane deflections increase gradually with an increase in the applied loads up to a certain critical point. Beyond this point a slight increase in axial loads causes a large and sudden increase in the deflection. This phenomenon, called buckling, is the subject of this chapter for circular and rectangular plates. A more comprehensive treatment of this subject is given by Timoshenko (Timoshenko and Gere, 1961), Bloom (Bloom and Coffin, 2001), Szilard (Szilard, 1974), and Iyangar...

6-1 Circular Plates
6-2 Rectangular Plates
6-3 Rectangular Plates with Various Boundary Conditions
6-4 Finite Difference Equations for Buckling
6-5 Other Aspects of Buckling
6-6 Application of Buckling Expressions to Design Problems
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