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Design of Plate and Shell Structures

Maan H. Jawad, Ph.D., P.E.
Maan H. Jawad, Ph.D., P.E.
President Global Engineering & Technology
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ASME Press
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The majority of rectangular plates in building slabs, ship hulls, aircraft skins (Fig. 2-1), and rectangular holding tanks have boundary conditions other than simply supported. The Levy solution discussed in Chapter 1 can be utilized very effectively in solving rectangular plates with various boundary conditions. Equations (1-46) and (1-50) are readily applicable to plates with two opposite sides simply supported, and the boundary conditions for the other two sides can then be incorporated into the total solution. For plates that do not have two opposite simply supported sides, the solution is more difficult because various cases have to be superimposed...

2-1 Plates with Various Boundary Conditions
2-2 Continuous Plates
2-3 Plates on an Elastic Foundation
2-4 Thermal Stress
2-5 Design of Various Rectangular Plates
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