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A Quick Guide to API 653 Certified Storage Tank Inspector Syllabus: Example Questions and Worked Answers

Clifford Matthews
Clifford Matthews
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Co-published by ASME Press and Woodhead Publishing (UK)
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This chapter is about code recommendations on how to inspect a tank and how often you should do it. They are of course separate subjects and the two codes that address them, API 653 and API 575, approach them from slightly different viewpoints. API 653 divides inspections into different types and addresses inspection interval (or frequency) in its section 6. It also introduces the way in which a tank inspection interval can be based around a risk-based inspection (RBI) assessment. It seems to like this idea. The baton then passes across to API 575 section 7, which confirms the method of corrosion rate calculation and then launches into a detailed methodology of how to inspect the various parts of a tank inside and outside, when it is in or out of service. This API RP 575 section is a major source of exam questions (open and closed book) and, looking objectively, gives excellent experienced-based guidance on how to inspect tanks.

We will look at these relevant sections of API 653 and API RP 575 in turn.

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