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Closed-Cycle Gas Turbines: Operating Experience and Future Potential

Hans Ulrich Frutschi
Hans Ulrich Frutschi
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ASME Press
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Because fossil-fired closed-cycle gas turbines were so far operated with indirect heat supply via a heat exchanger system, namely an air heater, the heat resistance of the piping material used limited the hot air temperature. Therefore, in order to achieve good levels of efficiency, all installations were equipped with turbine waste heat recovery in a recuperator and intercoolers for the compressor. These components had to be connected to each other with sufficiently large pipes, which meant that the hot air pipes required a great deal of interior insulation. A special compressor set was required for charging the closed working cycle....

3.1 The Turbo Set
3.2 The Air Heater
3.3 Recuperators
3.4 Cycle Coolers
3.5 Arrangement of the Main Components
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