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Hydraulics, Pipe Flow, Industrial HVAC & Utility Systems: Mister Mech Mentor, Vol. 1

James A. Wingate
James A. Wingate
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ASME Press
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Chapter 8 in this book discusses the most widely used of the accepted techniques for calculating head losses, pressure drops, andflowrate capacities in commercial/industrial fluid piping systems. (Crane Technical Paper No. 410 basis.) In this chapter, it is assumed that all of chapter 8 has been assimilated by the reader. It is to be understood that reference to Chapter 8 is intended whenever “typical hydraulic calculations” are mentioned or prescribed.

Chapter 7 covers decoupled hydraulic loop systems for distribution of chilled water in certain industrial HVAC designs. The basic “primary — secondary” approach of chapter 7 applies to a lot of HVAC bulk fluid-moving applications besides chilled water. Hydronic heating hot water, cooling tower condenser water, and heavy-oil recirculation piping loops for boiler fuel handling installations are three that come to mind immediately.

But the decoupled loops of Chapter 7 apply to many other fields of application than just HVAC. And far more common than the “hot tank — cold tank open industrial systems” of Chapter 7 are fully-closed, fully-pressurized systems which have no capacitor tanks at all.

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