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Hydraulics, Pipe Flow, Industrial HVAC & Utility Systems: Mister Mech Mentor, Vol. 1
James A. Wingate
James A. Wingate
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ASME Press
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In industry, a “steam study” requires the engineer to determine the thermodynamic conditions of various streams of flowing steam. Changes of pressure, temperature, and physical state are not always evident, and numerically depend strongly on the actual path followed, especially when expansion is the pertinent process.

Many years ago, to answer some management inquiries arising from such a study, I wrote up the included example problem, to illustrate the factors involved. To obtain clarity and contrast, I invented an extreme example comparing expansion of superheated steam from an initial condition of 300 psia and 700°F, to a final pressure of 16 psia and unknown temperature.

Example Problem: Chapter 4
Schematic Flow Diagram: 1. Dropped Through Turbine
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