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Design of Hazardous Mechanical Structures, Systems and Components for Extreme Loads

John D. Stevenson
John D. Stevenson
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Ovidiu Coman
Ovidiu Coman
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ASME Press
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This book has been prepared as a guide to the structural and leak-tight integrity design and analyses of structures, distribution systems and components (SSC), which are addressed by construction standards prepared by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME and other closely related Standards. Particular application is to SSC, which are subject to extreme load phenomena, whether of a design basis external natural, man-induced or accident phenomena. The book is intended for use in assisting structural-mechanical engineers in their supply of engineering services to the nuclear, petrochemical and biomedical industries.

1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope
1.2.1 Structures
1.2.2 Distribution Systems
1.2.3 Components
1.2.4 Standards
1.3 Facilities Requiring Consideration of Extreme Loads
1.3.1 Introduction
1.3.2 Nuclear Facilities
1.3.3 Petrochemical and Biomass Facilities
1.3.4 Bio-Hazard Facilities
1.4 Description of Potential Design-Basis Hazards
1.5 Loads Typically Considered in Design of Safety-Related Structures, Systems and Components (SSC) in High-Hazard Facilities
1.5.1 Service Load
Design Loads
1.5.2 Severe Loads
Human Occupancy
Natural Hazards
Operating Transients Occasional and Upset Loads
1.5.3 Extreme Loads
Natural Phenomena Hazards
Man-Induced External Hazards
Design-Basis Accidents
1.6 Categorization and Classification of Functional Safety-Related Mission Essential and Performance Categorization of SSC and Procedures in Hazardous Facilities
1.6.1 Nuclear Industry
Hazard Categorization
Hazard Category 3 Facilities
Nuclear Hazard Category 2 Facilities
Hazard Category 1 Facilities
Hazard Category 1s Facilities
Functional and Performance Goals for Safety-Related SSC
Safety Goals
Performance Goals
Functional (Safety) Classifications of SSC
Functional and Performance Classification of Safety-Related SSC
Quality Classification
Design (Limit State) Classification
Recent Changes to Safety Classification of SSC Used in Nrc-Regulated Facilities
1.6.2 Petrochemical Industry
Natural Hazards
External Blast Load
1.6.3 Bio-Medical Industry
1.7 References
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