The focus of the special issue is on robotic systems in which the influence of stochastic processes cannot be ignored and needs to be anticipated, for example, the presence of stochastic drifts, propagated (estimation) uncertainty in dynamics, or stochastic components in robotic system algorithms. In all these cases, stochastic processes are essential as a natural model for the uncertainty, a family of possible dynamic system evolutions, or algorithm executions.

We invited authors to submit their original contributions with the focus on theory, applications, or both. The response from the dynamic systems and control community was impressive, and we are glad for the opportunity to compile this special issue consisting of 18 papers (12 Research papers, 1 Review paper, and 5 Technical Briefs) with a broad scope of research topics.

The special issue opens with the paper by Anderson and Milutinović presenting the minimum-time tours for...

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