The following corrections are to be noted with reference to the original paper by Perez et al.

Reference [39] must be added to the reference section.

[39] Moncayo, H., Perhinschi, M. G., and Davis, J., “Immunity-Based Aircraft Failure Detection and Identification Using an Integrated Hierarchical Multi-Self Strategy,” AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference, Chicago, IL, Aug. 10–13, pp. 1–14.

The text found in lines 1–12 of Subsection “4.1 Aircraft Model” needs to be reformulated for clarity and include the appropriate citation to Ref. [39]. The mentioned text needs to be replaced by the following text in brackets:

〈The aircraft subject of this study corresponds to the NASA IFCS F-15 research aircraft [33]. The aerodynamic properties were initially derived from a high performance military aircraft model developed by NASA and distributed to the academic community for research purposes in 1990 [32,39]. The model was further customized in matlab/simulink to include...

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