This December 2000 issue of the ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control is focused on the topic of Variable Structure Systems (VSS), as described in the Editorial. I would like to thank Professors Eduardo Misawa and Vadium Utkin for organizing this special issue, which I believe will be of high interest to our readership. A second special issue on Identification of Mechanical Systems is already under preparation for publication in December 2001. (See the Call for Papers that appears in this issue.)

A. Galip Ulsoy Technical Editor

A fundamental issue in feedback control is the robust stability and performance of control systems in the presence of plant uncertainties and disturbances. The majority of current research in control theory addresses different aspects of this problem. The theory of variable structure systems (VSS) has made several important contributions in this area since its early developments pioneered by S. Emelyanov in...

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