The purpose of this paper is to present a method of active control for suppressing the vibration of a mechanically flexible cantilever beam which is subject to a distributed random disturbance and also a seismic input at the clamped end. First, the mathematical model of the flexible structure is established by a stochastic partial differential equation which describes the Euler-Bernoulli type distributed parameter system with internal viscous damping and subject to the seismic and distributed random inputs. Second, the distributed parameter model, which is considered as an infinite-dimensional system, is reduced to a finite-dimensional one by using the modal expansion, and split into the controlled part and the uncontrolled (residual) one. The principal approach is to regard the observation spillover due to uncontrolled part as a colored observation noise and construct an estimator, and then we construct the optimal control system. Finally, simulation studies are presented by using a real earthquake accelerogram data.

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