The “exact” and pole/zero transfer functions are developed for a flexible beam-like single link arm with actuator on one end and payload on the other. This model represents a broader class of actuator hub and payload mass properties than is found in prior literature. The dependence of dynamics on the hub and payload inertia characteristics are studied and graphs are provided to facilitate estimation of poles and zeroes for any similar plant. It is shown that a 10:1 reduction in fundamental frequency and substantial change in the zeroes results from variations in payload through a practical range. Payload rotary inertia is shown to cause a qualitative change in the arm tip zeroes resulting in loss of observability/controllability in some cases. Results provide insight into the two-link problem and it is shown that complex values zeroes may result if the second arm is allowed to “fold back.” Implications to plant modeling and control design are discussed including sensor placement and model order reduction issues. Analytical results are compared to those measured on an experimental arm and show very good agreement in modal frequency and shape.

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