Generalized orthogonal polynomials (GOP) which can represent all types of orthogonal polynomials and nonorthogonal Taylor series are first introduced to estimate the parameters of a dynamic state equation. The integration operation matrix (IOP) and the differentiation operation matrix (DOP) of the GOP are derived. The key idea of deriving IOP and DOP of these polynomials is that any orthogonal polynomial can be expressed by a power series and vice versa. By employing the IOP approach to the identification of time invariant systems, algorithms for computation which are effective, simple and straightforward compared to other orthogonal polynomial approximations can be obtained. The main advantage of using the differentiation operation matrix is that the parameter estimation can be carried out starting at an arbitrary time of interest. In addition, the computational algorithm is even simpler than that of the integral operation matrix. Illustrative examples for using IOP and DOP approaches are given. Very satisfactory results are obtained.

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