For a magnetically levitated vehicle (MAGLEV) with a combined lift and guidance system using u-shaped electro-magnets control law design based on simplified (design) models and dynamic simulations with more complex (evaluation) models are treated. It is demonstrated, that, even in view of the coupling of lateral (guidance) and vertical (lift) modes, caused by the inclined magnets, it is still possible to design the control law from a vertical model only. The control design is performed by quadratic synthesis (RICCATI design), because the given design spefifications can be most easily translated into performance criteria of this type. The dynamic evaluations, which are carried through with a general purpose vehicle simulation program, show—with a minor extension for one lateral mode (yaw)—that above strategy yields good results meeting all dynamic specifications. Especially, the lateral response—not considered in the design—due to wind gusts is well damped and also the vertical response due to track irregularities and track flexibility is well behaved and stable.

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