This paper deals with the parameter satisfaction problems of gas exchanging system, which are important from a standpoint of quality design. These problems have been difficult to solve, because their mathematical models are described by large-scale and complex dynamic system equations with many judgment functions. The report No. I [1] has already proposed the method to solve the parameter satisfaction problems of such systems. This method is one which sequentially exchanges the original mathematical model to the analyzable approximate model by means of selection of attributes with analysis-charts and statistical identification method with jump condition extended and which improves parameters simultaneously. In this paper, this method is applied to the above problems and a parameter improvement system which can improve many parameters efficiently without enormous calculations of partial derivatives is constructed. By the numerical calculations, satisfactory parameters could be obtained and it is shown that this method can give the solutions of the above problems. Moreover, its effectiveness for the fundamental and unsettled problems of such large-scale and complex systems in the field of mechanical engineering is demonstrated.

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