This paper summarizes a set of high priority basic engineering research needs in the field of Process and Systems Dynamics and Control which are important to the development of future energy technologies. These needs have been defined and recommended to the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) under the direction and oversight of the American Automatic Control Council representing the major professional societies having expertise in the field. Ten generic research areas have been defined which are grouped within four major recommended fields of basic engineering research: on-line optimization and control, systems methodology, measurement methodology and instrumentation, and modeling. Research in each of these fields has the potential for broad energy impact in transportation, processing, energy conversion and delivery, manufacturing, environmental aspects and other applications which consume significant amounts of energy. It is estimated that the recommended research could result in savings of total energy use of 1–10 percent depending on the application, which at current prices could range from $5 to $50 billion per year, based on research funding of $20 to $30 million per year. The results and recommendations summarized in this paper are based on the report entitled, “Basic Research in Engineering: Process and Systems Dynamics and Control” [1].

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