This paper presents new experimental methods for the study of rail vehicle dynamics through the use of scaled models on tangent track, and the application of these techniques to the measurement of nonlinear wheelset force/displacement relations in steady-state. These relations are important to the analysis of wheelset response to track inputs, curving performance of trucks, and wheelclimb derailment. A one-fifth scale model instrumented wheelset with new wheel profiles is used, with similitude scaling of the contact forces achieved through use of a polycarbonate resin for the contact surfaces. Data are presented for wheelset lateral force and yaw moment for the nonlinear range of wheelset lateral displacements and yaw angles, including flange contact. The measured data validate the analytical model presented in Part 1 of this paper, based on nonlinear wheel/rail contact geometry, creep forces with adhesion limits, and wheelset kinematics. A criterion for wheelclimb derailment is presented and verified experimentally.

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