While existing research has focused on using graphene platelets (GPLs) as reinforcement for homogeneous matrices, this study proposes a new nanocomposite for plate structures consisting of GPLs incorporated into a conventional functionally graded matrix with the aim of enhancing their overall stiffness. The performance of such plates is evaluated via free vibration and buckling analyses in the present study. Note that the matrix phase is graded continuously with the power-law distribution across the plate's thickness, whereas various GPL dispersion patterns across the thickness are studied. Based on Hamilton's principle, the novel four-unknown refined plate theory (RPT4), the governing equations of the plate are developed. The Navier-type solution scheme is then adopted to get the critical buckling load and natural frequency of the nanocomposite plate. Eventually, numerical findings are examined to evaluate the novel nanocomposite plate model, and a parametric study is also conducted.

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