This paper presents a new isogeometric formulation for shape optimization of structures subjected to design dependent loads. This work considers two types of design dependent loads, namely surface loads like pressure where the direction and/or magnitude of force changes with the variation of boundary shape, and body forces that depend on the material layout. These problems have been mostly solved by topology optimization methods which are prone to difficulties in determination of the loading surface for pressure loads and problems associated with non-monotonous behaviour of compliance and low density regions for body forces. This work uses an isogeometric shape optimization approach where the geometry is defined using NURBS and the control point coordinates and control weights of the boundary are chosen as design variables. This approach accommodates the design dependent loads easily, in addition to its other advantages like exact geometry representation, local control, fewer design variables, excellent shape sensitivity, efficient mesh refinement strategies, and smooth results that can be integrated with CAD. Two classes of optimization problems have been discussed, they are minimum compliance problems subject to volume constraint and minimum weight problems subjected to local stress constraints. These problems are solved using convex optimization programs. Hence, expressions for full sensitivities are derived which is new for structural shape optimization problems with design dependent loads. Some representative engineering examples are solved and compared with existing literature to demonstrate the application of the proposed method.

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