Nonlinear transverse vibration of a hyperelastic beam under a harmonically varying axial load is analyzed in this work. Equations of motion of the beam is derived via the extended Hamilton's principle, where transverse vibration is coupled with longitudinal vibration. The governing equation of nonlinear transverse vibration of the beam is obtained by decoupling the equations of motion. By applying the Galerkin method, the governing equation transforms to a series of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Response of the beam is obtained via three different methods: the Runge-Kutta method, multiple scales method, andharmonic balance method. Time histories, phase-plane portraits, fast Fourier transforms, and amplitude-frequency responses of nonlinear transverse vibration of the beam are obtained. Comparison of results from the three methods is made. Results from the multiple scales method are in good agreement with those from the harmonic balance and Runge-Kutta methods when the amplitude of vibration is small. Effects of the material parameter and geometrical parameter of the beam on its amplitude-frequency responses are analyzed.

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