Once again, JBME has seen increasing submissions and decreasing review times. Over 637 manuscripts were received in 2015, and our acceptance rate was 17%. We continue to streamline all stages of the review and publication process, with time to first decision now on average 1.4 months, immediate on-line availability of accepted manuscripts, and 20 days from acceptance to publication. The Associate Editors (AEs) have put in extra effort beyond their normal AE duties to promote timely processing, and we thank them for it. In the last year, we have added three new AEs in response to increased demand and to the ever-widening scope of biomechanical engineering. We are grateful to all of them for their service and dedication to quality science and to this journal!

This year marks the fourth publication of the Annual Special Issue of the JBME. This Annual Special Issue highlights reviews by leaders of the field and also papers from the Fung Medal, the Mow Medal, and the Lissner Medal winners from 2015, as well as four papers from the 2015 Knee Challenge Competition at the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference. In addition to those papers, there are five student-award-winning papers from that same conference as well as seven invited reviews on topics ranging from 3D bioprinting to cardiac mechanics to intervertebral disk. We thank all of the authors for their contribution.

The ASME staff, especially Philip DiVietro, Colin McAteer, Beth Darchi, Tamiko Fung, and Jennifer Smith, continued to provide us with outstanding support year-round and particularly in handling the unique challenges around the Annual Special Issue. Our editorial assistant, Jenn Leung, helps in countless ways, including providing support for the AEs and authors in navigating the submission and review process.

We thank everyone involved in JBME for their tremendous efforts and look forward to next year's continued success.