In the last year, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering (JBME) has continued to thrive, with increasing submissions and decreasing review times. The number of manuscripts submitted each year remains on the rise and our acceptance rate continues to become more selective, while our review times continue to improve. The continued selectivity and improved review speed is a credit to all of our Associate Editors and reviewers. In the last year, we have added three new Associate Editors which has helped to keep up with the increased submissions and reduced review time. We are grateful to all of them for their service and dedication to quality science and this journal!

This year also marks the third publication of the Annual Special Issue of the JBME. This Annual Special Issue highlights reviews by leaders of the field and also papers from the Fung, Mow, and Lissner Medal winners from 2014, as well as a paper from the winning team of the 2014 Knee Challenge Competition at the World Congress of Biomechanics. We are extremely excited about the quality of the papers and the involvement of more senior and junior investigators. In addition to those award papers, there are five invited reviews. We are grateful to our Associate Editors and all of the individuals who review for JBME throughout the year. As a small token of our gratitude for their service over the past year, we list all of the reviewers here as recognition.

Likewise, the ASME staff, especially Philip DiVietro, Colin McAteer, Beth Darchi, Tamiko Fung, and Jennifer Smith, answered every question, were very patient with us, and did everything possible to get this Annual Special Issue in order and with an on-time publication for early in 2015. In addition, our editorial assistant, Jenn Leung, is a critical part of our team and keeps everything running smoothly. As with every issue of JBME, it could not have happened without them.

We thank everyone involved in JBME for their tremendous efforts and look forward to next year's continued success. We remain excited about the future of JBME and look forward to reporting even more good news in the future.