As a means to highlight important advancements in Biomechanical Engineering, the annual Summer Bioengineering Conference (SBC), JBME has initiated a new annual special issue. The first part of the issue will present invited papers from the annual BED awardees and the student paper winners from the SBC annual meeting. In the second section, we will highlight major trends in biomechanical engineering by invited papers and reviews. Specifics include:

Section 1: SBC Awards Listing

  • List of all Award winners for the Fung, Mow, and Lissner, including a short biography of each Awardee.

  • Skalak award for best paper, including republishing of the title, author list, and abstract.

  • A listing of the “Editor’s Choice” papers that were picked for their merit and that were published the previous year.

  • Listing of all Award Committee members and Judges of the student paper competition.

Section 2: Invited Papers and Reviews from the SBC

  • Fung, Mow, and Lissner award winners for that year.

  • SBC keynote speakers.

  • Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. student competition awardees.

Section 3: Legacy Paper from JBME

JBME has been in continuous production since 1977. To honor papers published at least 30 years ago that have had a long-lasting impact on the field, the Editor will choose a paper starting from the early years of JBME that had lasting impact, as assessed by metrics such as the total number of citations accumulated since publication.

Section 4: State-of-the-Art Reviews in Biomechanical Engineering

  • Invited reviews/papers from field luminaries.

  • Unsolicited submissions to the Editor. These will require a short 1–2 page application from the author sent to the Annual Guest Editor.

Manuscript and Production

  • 1

    The format of the manuscripts will follow the standard rules for JBME manuscripts (see For those of you unfamiliar with JBME formatting, please note that JBME has its own formatting rules that differ substantially from standard ASME rules (e.g. does not allow for two column formats). Please consult the Guest Editor for clarification before submitting.

  • 2

    Page limitations will be generously extended for the SBC Award (Fung, Mow, and Lissner) and the Invited Review articles, up to twice the length of a standard paper. Page charges will also be waived.

  • 3

    All papers should be submitted for review to the JBME journal tool, with the Annual Guest Editor personally handling the review process.

  • 4

    All manuscripts will be due by Oct. 1st.

  • 5

    Production will be expedited so that the special issue will be published in January of the upcoming year.