As part of the Annual Special Issue, the JBME Associate Editors selected the top papers published in the journal during 2013. Those Editors' Choice papers, listed below in chronological order, exemplified both the high quality and the breadth of papers published in the journal. Congratulations to these authors and to all authors whose work appeared in JBME over the past year!

Hardisty, M. R., Zauel, R., Stover, S. M., and Fyrhie, D. P., “The Importance of Intrinsic Damage Properties to Bone Fragility: A Finite Element Study,” ASME J. Biomech. Eng., 135(1), p. 011004.

Quinn, T. M., “Flow-Induced Deformation of Poroelastic Tissues and Gels: A New Perspective on Equilibrium Pressure-Flow-Thickness Relations,” ASME J. Biomech. Eng., 135(1), p. 011009.

Clayton, E. H., Okamoto, R. J., and Bayly, P. V., “Mechanical Properties of Viscoelastic Media by Local Frequency Estimation of Divergence-Free Wave Fields,” ASME J. Biomech. Eng., 135...

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