We measured the Fahraeus effect of blood flowing in a sheet flow model formed with two glass slides. The number of red blood cells in the sheet flow was counted to determine a sheet hematocrit Hs and the discharge hemotocrit Hd was measured from blood collection. For a Hd in the range of 3 to 30 percent, we find that Hs/Hd is about .83 for a gap of 4.1 μm. When the discharge hematocrit is 30 percent, the ratio decreases to .66 as the gap approaches 7 μm and then increases as the gap becomes thicker. The results indicate that the hematocrit ratio for a gap thicker than 4.1 μm is an increasing function of the discharge hematocrit. The value of Hs/Hd found for the sheet flow models and its dependence on Hd are comparable to those of circular tubes when their diameter equals the gap thickness.

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