Studies have been carried out on the bio-medico-mechanical behavior in vitro of natural blood vessel (dogs) under constant and variable internal pulsatile pressure flow. The apparatus designed by us well simulated the arterial system. The studies were made for the case of pressure amplitude kept as constant, of the two-step-multi-duplicated pulsatile pressure and of the fluctuating pressure. For the case of the fluctuating pressure, the strength of the artery becomes considerably lower than those under constant amplitude and two-step-multi-duplicated pulsatile pressure. SEM observations of the inner walls of the artery shows that collagen fibers are more elongated under fluctuating pulsatile pressure flow. In conclusion, in order to avoid the mechanical deterioration of the artery strength, it is useful to keep the pulsatile blood pressure at constant amplitude. Even for the case of the blood pressure fluctuation, it is necessary to manage to keep the blood pressure as near a regular wave as possible, the total number of repeated pulse being equal.

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