This work presents a framework for multi-robot tour guidance in a partially known environment with uncertainty, such as a museum. In the proposed centralized multi-robot planner, a simultaneous matching and routing problem (SMRP) is formulated to match the humans with robot guides according to their selected points of interest and generate the routes and schedules for the robots according to uncertain spatial and time estimation. A large neighborhood search algorithm is developed to find sub-optimal low-cost solutions for the SMRP efficiently. The scalability and optimality of the multi-robot planner are first evaluated computationally under different environment sizes and numbers of humans and robots. Then, a photo-realistic multi-robot simulation platform was developed based on Habitat-AI to verify the tour guiding performance in an uncertain indoor environment. Results demonstrate that the proposed centralized tour planner is scalable, makes a smooth tradeoff in the plans under different environmental constraints, and can lead to robust performance with inaccurate uncertainty estimations (within a certain margin).

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