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ASTM Selected Technical Papers
Symposium on Fatigue with Emphasis on Statistical Approach-II
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ASTM International
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In 1951, ASTM published a pamphlet “Symposium on Statistical Aspects of Fatigue“ as Special Technical Publication No. 121. This general subject was continued in a session on “Fatigue, with Emphasis on Statistical Approach,” held as the Eighth Session of the Fiftieth Anniversary Annual Meeting of the Society held in New York, N. Y., June 24, 1952. These 1952 papers, which appear herein, represent a continuation of the 1951 endeavor. While it would have been convenient to have had all of the papers in a single booklet, this would have resulted in a serious delay. The present pamphlet (designated II) may be followed by an additional pamphlet (III) in a year or two.

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