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ASTM Selected Technical Papers

Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 29th Volume

TL Panontin
TL Panontin
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA Symposium Chair and Editor
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SD Sheppard
SD Sheppard
Stanford University
Stanford, CA Symposium Chair and Editor
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ASTM International
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Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 29th Volume (STP 1332) provides advanced, state-of-the-art techniques for predicting fracture and fatigue, as well as applications and engineering problem solving in a number of key industries.

Over 50 comprehensive, peer-reviewed papers from the world's leading experts are divided into three major categories:

Fracture Mechanics areas explored include: The effects of geometry, specimen size and loading rate onfracture behavior and toughness in the transition region; The impact of global loading on fracture prediction; Load-type effects on fracture; and Innovative crack solutions and analysis techniques in analytical fracture mechanics.

Fatigue issues examined include: Findings on the effects of crack closure, stress ratio, residual stresses and load-type on fatigue; and Improved fatigue testing methods

Structural Applications presented include: Specific applications of predicting or measuring fatigue performance; Fracture mechanics applications in aircraft fuselages, nuclear reactor shells and piping, cannon components and ship beams

This is a critical resource for mechanical, materials, and structural engineers involved with structural parts design and analysis; regulatory and investigative organizations; and national laboratories.

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