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ASTM Selected Technical Papers
Standardization of Technical Terminology: Principles and Practices (Second Volume)
RA Strehlow
RA Strehlow
Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
symposium chairman and editor
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ASTM International
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ASTM Committee E-7 on Nondestructive Testing is composed of ten technical subcommittees. Volume 03.03 of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards presently contains eight glossaries which have been issued by these subcommittees, and other definitions can be found in an additional ten methods and practices. A review of these 17 documents has revealed several terms with two dissimilar definitions, and in some cases these definitions had been issued by one subcommittee. In an attempt to bring some order out of this chaos, we are proceeding as follows: 1. All terms (eight to date) which are common to the various disciplines have been placed under the jurisdiction of the editorial subcommittee. 2. A master glossary, which will contain all the terms currently found in the 17 documents, is being developed. 3. This glossary will be divided into sections, one for each subcommittee, and each of the technical subcommittees will retain jurisdiction over all the terms in its section. The eight common terms and any subsequent similar terms will appear in a separate section. 4. Where two or more definitions for one term currently exist, both will be shown until the subcommittee decides to eliminate one, combine them, or redefine the term. 5. A list of all terms in all the sections, showing in which section they may be found, will be appended to the master glossary. 6. If new subcommittees are added or new glossaries required, the terms will be added to the master glossary as a new separate section.

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