Some errors occurred in the review article entitled “Nonlinear vibrations of suspended cables—Part I: Modeling and analysis,” by Giuseppe Rega, published in Applied Mechanics Reviews, 57(6), 443–478, November 2004.

(1) p. 446, line 24: “ε” must read “εe”;

(2) p. 455, Table 3:

  The last group of formulas in the first three lines:




  must appear in the sixth (last) column (under the heading Benedettini Rega) instead of in the fourth column (under the second heading Lee Perkins);

(3) p. 456, left column, line 9 from the bottom: the correct reference is [129];

(4) p. 457, right column, last line of Sec. 3.2.3: no reference applies;

(5) p. 463, right column: 2nd line, the correct word is “algorithm”; 4th line, the correct word is “damper”;

(6) p. 474, left column, line 14 from bottom: the correct author’s name is “Georgiou”.

The Publisher apologizes for the inconvenience caused.