7R9. Breakup of Liquid Sheets and Jets.– Edited by SP Lin (Dept Mech and Aeronaut Eng, Clarkson Univ). Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge, UK. 2003. 269 pp. ISBN 0-521-80694-1. $75.00.

Reviewed by KJ Ruschak (Global Manufacturing Tech Org, Eastman Kodak Co, Kodak Park Bldg 10, Flr 5, Rochester NY 14652-3703).

Breakup of Liquid Sheets and Jets is a monograph on the mathematical analysis of the hydrodynamic stability of laminar sheets and jets. Linear stability, the initial evolution of small disturbances, is the primary focus, and so the word stability would be more accurate than breakup in the title. Consideration is limited to Newtonian liquids with constant and uniform surface tension. The book is theoretical and mathematical but reviews relevant experimental measurements and observations. A solid background in capillary hydrodynamics, hydrodynamic stability, and applied mathematics, notably analytic surface geometry and complex variables and...

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