7R8. Two-Phase Flow: Theory and Applications.- Edited by C Kleinstreuer (Dept of Mech and Aerosp Eng, N Carolina State Univ). Taylor & Francis Publ, New York. 2003. 454 pp. ISBN 1-59169-000-5. $125.00.

Reviewed by P Griffith (Dept of Mech Eng, MIT, Rm 7-044, Cambridge MA 02139).

This book is written primarily as a text for an interdepartmental, graduate course in multiphase flow. The level of mathematics assumed in this book is unlikely to be appropriate for undergraduates. Though experimental results are cited whenever it is appropriate, the focus of the book is in describing the analytical models that are available for handling a wide range of two-phase flow problems of interest to a variety of engineers. The experiments are not stressed. Though the examples that are presented in some detail are of primary interest to mechanical, bio-medical, and chemical engineers, the...

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