7R4. Fundamentals of Robotics: Linking Perception to Action. Series in Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence. Edited by Ming Xie (Singapore–MIT Alliance, Singapore). World Sci Publ, Singapore. 2003. 692 pp. ISBN 981-238-313-1.

Reviewed by RL Huston (Dept of Mech, Indust, and Nucl Eng, Univ of Cincinnati, PO Box 210072, Cincinnati OH 45221-0072).

This book is probably best described as a contemporary reference describing the state-of-the-art of robotics, at this time. It is a truly impressive volume where the author documents the many significant robotic advances during the last quarter century and also looks to the future.

The book discusses the broad range of robotics technology ranging from mechanical considerations, to electrical and electronics devices, to control, to vision, to decision-making and artificial intelligence. The book is intended for students, for those just getting started in the field, and for experienced practitioners.


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