7R2. An Introductory Guide to Finite Element Analysis.- Edited by AA Becker (Dept of Mech Eng, Univ of Nottingham). ASME International, New York. 2004. 171 pp. Hardcover. ISBN 0-7918-0205-1. $79.00.

Reviewed by D Karamanlidis (Dept of Civil Eng, Univ of Rhode Island, Bliss Hall, Kingston RI 02881).

As anyone who ever taught or took a course on finite elements will attest, there is no short supply on introductory texts on Finite Element Analysis (FEA). In fact, there must be over a hundred such texts currently in print and several of them are nothing short of excellent. On the top of this reviewer’s list are (in no particular order) Segerlind, Huebner, Bathe, and Wilson, Gallagher, Yang, Desai and Abel, and others. Thus, with so many good books to choose from the following question arises: What does a new FEA text need to...

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