5R1. Fields, Flows and Waves: An Introduction to Continuum Models.-(School of Math, Univ of Edinburgh, James Clerk Bldg, Kings bldg, Mayfield Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3JZ, United Kingdom).Springer-Verlag London Ltd, Surrey, UK. 2003. 270 pp. Softcover. ISBN 1-85233-708-7. $34.95.

(Dept of Civil and Architec Eng, Illinois Inst of Tech, 3201 S Dearborn St, Rm 213, Chicago IL 60616-3793).

This book is intended primarily as a textbook for second-year undergraduate students in mathematics, mathematical physics, and engineering. The book is designed as a first introduction to the use of mathematical techniques, within continuum theories. It is presumed that the readers have some knowledge of several variable calculus and partial derivatives. The author presents many physical problems to motivate the discussion of the conservation and balance laws derived in the text; however, the emphasis of the book is on the solution to the resulting ordinary and partial differential equations. The physical...

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