3R3. Statistical Dynamics and Reliability Theory for Mechanical Structures. - VA Svetlitsky (Dept of Appl Mech, Bauman Moscow State Tech Univ, 2-nd Baumanskaya St 5, Moscow, 107005, Russia). Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2003. 446 pp. ISBN 3-540-44297-9. $169.00.

Reviewed by AM Vinogradov (Dept of Mech Eng, Montana State Univ, 220 Roberts Hall, Bozeman MT 59717).

The book deals with the subject of random vibrations of mechanical systems. In addition, it contains a brief outline of reliability theory, focusing on the response of structural members subjected to random loads. The book represents a translation of Russian text, based primarily on course lectures taught by the author at the Moscow Bauman Technical University.

In the introduction, the author demonstrates that it is often impossible to correctly determine the response of dynamic systems based on deterministic formulations due to various oversimplifications of reality required to implement...

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