11R9. Design Sensitivity Analysis: Computational Issues of Sensitivity Equation Methods. - LG Stanley (Montana State Univ, Bozeman MT) and DL Stewart (Air Force Inst of Tech, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, WPAFB OH). SIAM, Philadelphia. 2002. 139 pp. ISBN 0-89871-524-5. $65.00.

Reviewed by Yu-Tai Lee (David Taylor Model Basin, 9500 MacArthur Blvd, W Bethesda MD 20817).

Design Sensitivity Analysis is a condensed book that introduces the mathematical aspects of the continuous sensitivity equation methods (CSEMs) for partial differential equations (PDEs). It may serve as a reference book for graduate students or scientists working in the areas of numerical analysis and computational mathematics. A familiarity with real or functional analysis would make reading easier for some chapters of the book.

Sensitivity analysis is an important element in the context of systems optimization and optimal designs. It provides the necessary and critical...

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