11R6. Essays on the Motion of Celestial Bodies. - VV Beletsky (Keldysh Inst of Appl Math, Russian Acad of Sci, Miusskaja Sq 4, Moscow, 125047, Russia). Birkhauser Verlag AG, Basel, Switzerland. 2001. 372 pp. ISBN 3-7643-5866-1. $169.00.

Reviewed by FH Lutze (Dept of Aerospace and Ocean Eng, VPI, Blacksburg VA 24061-0203).

These “Essays” are the second edition of a publication that first appeared in Russia in 1972.

The first edition was reprinted in four different languages, the last one appearing in French in 1986. Since that time, a considerable amount of material has been added to the work, leading to a second edition that appeared in 1999. The English version was published in 2001 and is the subject of this review. Readers who have worked in the area of celestial mechanics and artificial satellite motion will be quite familiar with...

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