11R1. Computational Partial Differential Equations: Numerical Methods and Diffpack Programming, Second Edition. - HP Langtangen (Simula Res Lab, Martin Linges vei 17, Fornebu, PO Box 134, Lysaker, 1325, Norway). Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2003. 855 pp. ISBN 3-540-43416-X. $69.95.

Reviewed by RL Huston (Dept of Mech, Indust, and Nucl Eng, Univ of Cincinnati, PO Box 210072, Cincinnati OH 45221-0072).

This is the second edition of a popular tutorial on the numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs). It is intended for students, researchers, and practitioners interested in developing computer codes for the solution of the equations. The stated aim of the book is to equip the reader with skills for developing simulation software for physical phenomena (particularly, solid and fluid mechanics) governed by PDEs.

The flow and style of the book are numeric together with listed computer codes. The software tools are...

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