11R2. Numerical Modeling in Materials Science and Engineering. Series in Computational Math, Vol 32. - M Rappaz (Lab of Phys Metall, Swiss Fed Inst of Tech, Lausanne, 1015, Switzerland), M Bellet (Ecole des Mines de Paris, CEMEF, Sophia Antipolis, 06904, France), M Deville (Lab of Comput Eng, Swiss Fed Inst of Tech, Lausanne, 1015, Switzerland). Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2003. 540 pp. ISBN 3-540-42676-0. $89.95.

Reviewed by HM Srivastava (Dept of Math and Stat, Univ of Victoria, PO Box 3045, Victoria V8W 3P4, BC, Canada).

The past two decades have witnessed an increasingly diversified account of the various numerical methods and their applications in the fields of materials science and engineering; in particular, the Monte Carlo methods, cellular automata, random walkers, atomistic methods related to molecular dynamics, boundary element methods, homogenization techniques based upon average conservation laws, and so on....

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